Towards 4.0: The Smelter of the Future

Towards 4.0: The Smelter of the Future

01 May 2018

An article published in Aluminium International Today examines the fourth industrial revolution.

It was preceded by mechanisation, electrification and automation. This revolution is mainly illustrated by Information Technologies (IT) and Operation Technologies (OT) convergence. Internet linking previously isolated control and operation systems, allowing the transition to an open and interconnected "Digital supply network".

The development of this "plant of the future" aims at reaching a new threshold of competitiveness and sustainability leveraging the following main drivers:

  • Improving asset efficiency and use
  • Reducing waste, improving recovery and quality
  • Optimising processes and flows for cost reduction
  • Reducing capital employed and work in progress through virtual supply chain integration
  • Improving employee safety, reducing environmental impact through efficient resource usage, in particular energy

You can download the article below. 

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