An energy system with an EnPot enabled aluminium smelter delivers cheaper power overall, more grid stability and less CO2 emissions.

Peak load smoothing

Ultimately, the power system is cheaper to run because supply can be more accurately matched to demand in the absence of one large, inflexible power consumer. This smooths out day-to-day price spikes resulting from electricity shortages, helping to maintain price stability in the open market.

Emergency response

Aluminium smelters can now provide large-scale emergency response. If weather events or equipment failure massively reduces transmission capacity on the grid, the smelter can completely shut down for several hours. With EnPot to help smooth out the effects at the smelter and improve recovery afterwards, this service can be provided for a longer duration, and more regularly, providing a reliable emergency response.

Reliable back-up power source

Having a reliable source of back-up power, or a large customer that can reduce usage on demand, has never been more important as countries around the world seek to generate more electricity from renewable sources. More low-cost variable renewable energy (VRE) in the worlds' electricity grids means less reliance on coal and other hydrocarbons.

How Renewables and Aluminium Smelters can work together to achieve grid security

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