Our Mission 

EnPot fundamentally changes the way smelters use energy to produce aluminium - one of the lightest, strongest and most recyclable metals in the world.

Ultimately, the technology reinvents smelters into virtual batteries capable of providing valuable storage and back-up power to the world’s electricity grids in times of high energy demand or lower than normal generation. This ensures power supply is not interrupted when the sun isn't shining, or wind isn’t blowing.

This is achieved at a lower cost than other storage options. EnPot supports the world’s electricity grids to adopt variable renewable energy faster by providing a reliable backstop.

This is made possible by ground-breaking technology that enables smelters to vary the amount of energy they consume without interrupting the delicate heat balance required to make aluminium.

The end product is greener aluminium from smelters that have been reinvented as green energy providers.

Our Story

EnPot Limited owns proprietary technology developed at the University of Auckland. The company is majority-owned by Yunca Holdings Limited, a private sector manufacturing and engineering company with factories in New Zealand's South Island as well as India. 

The management team and strategic advisory board include engineers, successful business executives and former leading figures from Government and the private sector. The specialist team deliver a complete turn-key solution to clients around the world. 

Meet the Team

Terry Young
Terry Young
Karyna Young
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Nick Depree
Head of Technology
Brydie Burrows
Head of Corporate Communications

Extended Team

Professor Mark Taylor - Aluminium Consultant

Tom Campbell - Aluminium Consultant

Dr. Yashuang Gao - Aluminium Consultant

Michael Ren - Aluminium Consultant, China

Cha Kefu - Systems Developer

Hon. Steven Joyce - Commercial and Public Policy Adviser

David Thomas - Energy and Environment Consultant

Dr. Martin Iffert - Energy and Aluminium Consultant, Energy Pool AP

Dr. David Wong - Aluminium, Environment and Emissions Consultant

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