How can EnPot technology benefit you?

How Enpot can benefit you - Smelters


Aluminium smelters fitted with EnPot technology are better positioned to secure cheaper power, maximise operating performance, and reduce their CO2 emissions profile by operating like a virtual power plant.

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How Enpot can benefit you - Energy Sector

Energy Sector

An EnPot enabled aluminium smelter provides power companies with a low-cost, large-scale 'virtual battery' that can provide large volumes of instant power back to the grid.

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How Enpot can benefit you - Government


EnPot enables Governments to reach their clean energy targets faster by providing a reliable energy source to support intermittent renewable energy.

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Just 200 aluminium smelters consume the same amount of power as 1.2 billion people use domestically

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EnPot technology helps to reinvent smelters into virtual batteries capable of providing valuable storage and back-up power to the world’s electricity grids in times of high energy demand or lower than normal generation. This is achieved at a lower cost than other storage options. EnPot supports the world's electricity grids to adopt variable renewable energy faster by providing a reliable backstop. 

EnPot has been operating on a commercial scale at TRIMET’S Essen smelter in Germany since May 2019.

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How EnPot Works

EnPot enables aluminium smelters to modulate their energy consumption

With EnPot, smelters can use 30% more or less energy without disturbing the delicate heat balance required to make aluminium. This new-found flexibility makes smelters more compatible with the variable electricity supply provided by renewable generation. The technology acts as a giant climate control system capable of maintaining a precise heat balance, even with a fluctuating electricity supply.

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Benefits of EnPot

Reduce CO2 Footprint

If EnPot was incorporated into the world's smelters today, enabling 100% renewable energy usage, the cumulative savings over the next 30 years could be as much as 52 billion tonnes of CO21,2 - the equivalent to removing 90% of passenger vehicles on the road today.

Electricity Grid Security

As power generation becomes more dependent on variable renewable sources, more consistent back-up energy is needed. Smelters enabled with EnPot can be integrated into the grid and used as Virtual Power Plants that can rapidly dial consumption up or down on demand.

Reduced Costs

Fitting EnPot to smelters provides commercial benefits to both the smelter and the electricity supplier. A mid-sized ~600MW smelter could save up to $40 million each year. For energy suppliers, an EnPot enabled smelter is the lowest cost energy storage solution available today.

Increased Control Over Production

Smelters can vary their energy consumption up and down by up to 30%, giving them more control over how much aluminium they produce and when. EnPot technology also enables them to respond to market signals including metal and power prices.

Latest News

The prestigious New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards has named EnPot as one of four finalists in the Most Innovative Deep Technology Solution category.

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Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Engineering and Research Institute Co. (SAMI) and EnPot inked a Cooperate Agreement in Beijing in an official ceremony with NZ Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins today.

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EnPot CEO Karyna Young was invited to present at the first U.S-New Zealand cleantech event of its kind, the Blue and Green Technology Conference held in Auckland, New Zealand.

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